Mission Statement

"It shall be the mission of the Keeper's House committee to restore the house and its surrounding sites in a manner which will bring visitors year round to learn about the life in Ohio in the early 1800's. In pursuit of this goal, the committee will implement programs to make the Keeper's House a place where history comes alive and where education, music, drama, crafts, work, and fun intermingle to depict life on the Ohio frontier."

Welcome to the oldest surviving home in Ottawa County, Ohio, the "Keeper's House". Located on the Danbury Peninsula near the Village of Marblehead, it was the home of the first three lighthouse keepers for the oldest lighthouse in continuous operation on the Great Lakes.

Here on this website you will find a taste of the history of the house, learn about the focus of the Keeper's House Committee, get directions for your visit this summer, see the schedule of planned events, and find out how you can help the Keeper's House remain one of the best historical sites in the state of Ohio.

The Keeper's House Committee was formed soon after the purchase of the home by the Ottawa County Historical Society in 1989. Several years later, the house was placed on the National Register of Historic Places. The committee's goal has been and continues to be to see to the accurate restoration of the property to as close to its original appearance as is possible. Most of the major projects have been completed including replacing the roof with an historically accurate style, shoring of the north east corner of the building, complete restoration of the east and repair of the west fireplaces, and repairing portions of the floor.

The OCHS undertook to purchase some of the adjoining properties in order to protect the "big picture" of the original Wolcott home. The additional land has created a wonderful open feeling around the house and makes an excellent location for our many events, some of which are captured in photos for you to enjoy elsewhere in this site.

The Keeper's House committee is made up of people who feel strongly about the importance of preserving our American history. Important sites, artifacts from our predecessors, and the written history of those who came before us are important for our understanding of the past. We welcome brand new recruits who have recently moved to Ottawa County, to lifelong residents and direct descendants of Benajah Wolcott, the "Keeper" himself who built the house in 1822.

We welcome you to our website and we welcome you to visit the Keeper's House in person to learn much more than we can present here and to step back into the early 19th century to see what it was like for the hardy souls who made their homes on the Ohio frontier.

While in the area, plan to visit the Ottawa County Historical Museum operated by the Port Clinton Heritage Society, 126 West 3rd Street, Port Clinton. For hours call 419-732-2237.

Publications available:


The Keeper's House

Coloring and
Activity Fun
$4 each + $3 shipping

The People of Ottawa County - Oral Histories

Vol. I - How We Got Here, What We Did
Vol. II - Recollections and Voices
Vol. III - Across The Townships
Vol. IV - In Tapestry
Vol. V - From Their Eyes
Vol. VI - Memories and Adventures
Vol. VII Coming Soon

$15 each + $3 shipping

Combined Atlas of Ottawa County

Hardesty 1874
Goodman 1900
$30 each + $5 shipping


Now Available: History of Ottawa County - The First 175 Years

Read more about the book and how to order a copy [here].

We have available two Historic Driving Tours for Ottawa County, Historic Railroads of Eastern Ottawa County and Historic Railroads of Western Ottawa County, at $1.00 each, available at The Keepers House Museum Annex or at TrainOrama.

Order all publications from Martha Dykes.
125 Cedar Street, Port Clinton, Ohio 43452.
Or email bee2vn1827@gmail.com.

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